Hi, I'm Kayleigh Greenacre

Founder & CEO of 'Actually, I Can!' 

Business Strategist,  Coach, Mentor,  Motivational Speaker and Published Author.


My name is Kayleigh and I am a Business Strategist, Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, published Author and a mum of my daughter Sofia who has always been my biggest motivation.

For years I have been a people pleaser in both my professional life as well as my personal life and in 2020 I had a realisation that I was worthy of more. I had always had a dream, and I allowed my limiting beliefs and other people to stop me from following that dream.  

My daughter Sofia was my reason why I decided to follow my dream in 2020 and break free of the stereotypical norm. As a single mum to my daughter Sofia, I have always wanted to show her that anything is possible and everyone should follow their dream. 

My business was born in 2021 to show Sofia my daughter what we as women are capable of. One of the first things I did was write and self-publish a book called A Mindset to Success, before then standing on stage delivering a TED X talk about ‘A Mindset to Success’. 

Soon after this my business grew as I welcomed in many incredible clients and I made the decision to leave my full time job as an Assistant Headteacher and take my business full time.

Today I now have a business that I truly LOVE where I work closely with female coaches, service providers and online business owners who are ready to level up and say ‘YES’ to success.

My mission is to empower female coaches, service providers and online business owners to support them in creating successful businesses that they LOVE.

I provide high level business strategy support, mentoring and coaching through a range of different programmes that will help you to create a business that you LOVE.

It’s my passion to help you create your dream life and business which you desire.

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"Be a girl with confidence, a woman with courage and a lady with self-belief."

Kayleigh Greenacre

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