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Kayleigh is the founder and CEO of Actually, I Can!, a certified Mindset and Business Coach / Strategist, author, a highly skilled and qualified educator and motivational, educational, TEDx speaker.

After spending years as an Assistant Headteacher in education supporting thousands of students to achieve in their GCSEs and A Levels, Kayleigh developed a passion for growth mindset to support individuals to reach their goals regardless of their background, story or limiting beliefs.

In 2021 Kayleigh launched a business to support females with their mindset and self belief in order to achieve their goals and to become iconic leaders. Today she supports thousands of female entrepreneurs around the world to follow their dreams and build profitable businesses to achieve the success, freedom and wealth that they desire.

She is driven by growth mindset and believes that anyone can achieve their goals providing they apply the right mindset and develop the knowledge and skills in order to do so. 

Kayleigh speaks at events, within institutions and schools to motivate, inspire and educate the audience to support with the client’s desired outcomes. 

A Mindset to Sucess! 

Are you ready to cultivate a growth mindset, build unwavering self-belief, and achieve unparalleled success in business and life? Kayleigh is dedicated to helping you unleash your full potential and turn your aspirations into reality.

Through powerful storytelling, actionable strategies, and dynamic presentations, Kayleigh empowers individuals and organisations to thrive. 

Why Choose Kayleigh? 

Inspiring Stories of Growth and Resilience 

Kayleigh shares compelling personal stories of overcoming challenges and embracing a growth mindset. These narratives resonate deeply with audiences, demonstrating how the power of self-belief can lead to remarkable transformations and sustained success. 

Actionable Strategies for Success 

Inspiration is just the beginning. Kayleigh provides concrete, actionable strategies to help you develop a growth mindset, build confidence, and achieve your goals. Attendees leave with practical tools and techniques that they can immediately apply to their personal and professional lives. 

Dynamic and Engaging Presentations 

With a captivating blend of enthusiasm, inspiration, and audience engagement, Kayleigh delivers presentations that are as entertaining as they are enlightening. Each session is tailored to your audience, ensuring a memorable experience that drives real change. 


Services Offered 

Keynote Speaking 

Ideal for conferences, corporate events, and conventions, Kayleigh delivers impactful keynotes that inspire growth, self-belief, and success. Each keynote is customised to fit the theme and goals of your event, ensuring maximum relevance and impact. 

Workshops and Seminars 

Delve deeper into personal and professional development with interactive workshops and seminars. These sessions focus on cultivating a growth mindset, enhancing self-belief, and implementing strategies for success in business and life. 

Corporate Training 

Elevate your team's performance and foster a culture of growth with tailored corporate training programs. From leadership development to team-building exercises, Kayleigh provides training that aligns with your organisation's objectives and promotes collective success. 

Education Talks 

With over 14 years experience in education and over 6 years as an Assistant Headteacher overseeing attainment, results and exams, Kayleigh can deliver educational talks and workshops to support both students and staff with preparing for exams as well as working on their mindset to success.



 Here are the topics that Kayleigh speaks about with her extensive knowledge and understanding:

  1. A Mindset to Success (events, corporate and education)
  2. Growth Mindset and Self belief (events, corporate and education)
  3. Motivation (events, corporate and education)
  4. Leadership (events, corporate and education)
  5. How to become an ICONIC leader
  6. Business Growth and Success
  7. Sales, Success and Scaling (business)
  8. Using social media for business growth and success 


'Kayleigh’s motivational talk at our Beauty & The Brand Event was nothing short of inspiring. Her insights on mindset and leadership resonated deeply with our audience, leaving everyone feeling empowered and ready to take on new challenges. Kayleigh’s ability to connect with the crowd and provide actionable advice was truly remarkable. She left a lasting impact on all of us, and we look forward to having her speak at future events!'

Roxie Resali


'Kayleigh is always super professional. She speaks in a way that captivates the audience and always leaves a lasting and memorable impression. I would highly recommend Kayleigh as a speaker, as she has a huge amount of knowledge and is a pleasure to work with.'

Ola Goldsmith


'It was a pleasure to have Kayliegh speak at our Becoming Her event in London. She wowed everyone with her amazing advice, and the audience left with fresh insights and inspiration'

Experience LLC 


'Kayleigh is a dream to collaborate with. Her passion for her subjects and delivery shines through in everything she does, my audience always love what she brings into our space. She’s timely, organised and just so easy to team up with, would highly recommend.'

Brooke Summer Adams


"From the moment I decided to broaden The Write Field to encompass events for female founders, I knew Kayleigh would have to be part of this.  Having collaborated with Kayleigh previously, I knew from experience exactly how inspirational she is and how much value she adds to any room she is in.  Kayleigh has hosted the panel talk at each of my events and has such a seamless approach to leading the talk, to draw insights out of the women on the panel and keep the energy high!  In addition, Kayleigh  delivered the most incredible workshop at my most recent event.  Focusing on leadership and mindset, Kayleigh provided so many actionable tips, delivered in the most motivational way.  I'm so grateful for the opportunities to collaborate with Kayleigh, she is such a talent and source of support."
Fiona O'Sullivan

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