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Actually, I Can!

Mindset to Success Online Course

Do you want to develop a mindset that will support you with achieving your goals and gaining success? It’s totally possible with my 'Actually, I Can!  Mindset to Success course'
80% of your success in business / work and life is down to one thing - your mindset. If you don’t have the right growth mindset, you won’t be able to achieve and succeed.
      Whether it has been money related, setting up a business, developing their own business, progressing in their career or general self confidence and mindset, the results our clients have witnessed by joining this programme have been INCREDIBLE.
This self-study course is perfect for anyone who is either: starting out in a business / looking to develop their business or already in existing work and wanting to grow both themselves and progress further; or wanting to invest in themselves and focus on achieving their own personal goals.
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Are you:

  • Sick of the struggle to create and hold onto an abundance of money, time, energy, love, freedom and joy.
  • A purpose-led entrepreneur who knows they're going to have to do some mindset work to be able to succeed and receive the money you want in your business
  • Or perhaps you're in full-time employment, but you struggle to ask for and receive what you really want - be it more money, time, support, challenge, recognition
  • A person who procrastinates on the things you know you ‘should’ be doing, but can’t seem to be able to motivate yourself enough?
  • A person who hesitates to put the things into action because of fear, worries or limiting beliefs?
  • A person who wants to know the secrets to attracting exactly what you want in life
  • A person who want results fast - and you're ready to show up for yourself to create them
  • Eager to hear all the mindset and manifesting tools, tips and inspiration so you can start inviting in the things that matter most to you

If the answer is yes to most or all of these questions then this is the course for you!

I want to invest in myself!

How will this online course help you:

  • Be consistently positive
  • Set yourself realistic and achievable goals (linking to your dreams and life purpose).
  • Understand that mistakes are made but support with moving forward.
  • Identify your limiting beliefs so that you can overcome these
  • Understand that nothing come easily and hard work and persistence Is what Is needed.
  • Develop a growth mindset and work with what motivates you.
  • Learn different techniques of visualisation and positive language.
  • Plan your next steps and your future In order to achieve your goals.
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What will you get:

Lifetime access to the ‘Actually, I Can! Mindset to Success Course’ online which includes 6 in depth modules consisting of: presentations, downloadable PDFs, workbooks, challenges, exercises and videos, all carefully designed to help you develop your mindset and achieve your goals. (value £995)


High Value Resources – including tools, exercises, worksheets, information sheets to support with your mindset and also manifesting your desires and goals. (value £500)


Support via our Facebook Community group which will allow you to network with other women studying the course and within the coaching programmes to support you with your growth and success. (value: priceless)


Free ‘Roadmap to Success’ guide (value £65)

10% off any of our coaching programmes with Kayleigh. (value £50 - £200 saving)

10% off in the ‘Actually, I Can!’ shop to spend on goodies and resources to support with your growth mindset and achieving your goals.

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How it works:

Start Anytime: this is a self-study course which means you can start at any time and learn at your own pace. 


Lifetime Access: once you sign up to this course, you become a ‘Actually, I Can’ student for life! This means that if the course is updated in the future and additional bonus’ are added, you will also get access to these. You also have lifetime access to the Facebook group.


Unlimited Replays: you can watch each masterclass and module training video as many times as you like. There is no limit as to how many times you come back to each module.


Downloadable Resources: the course comes with a downloadable workbook and some modules also have additional resources to support you.


6 Weeks Long: this course is a 6-week experience with 6 weeks of training, but as you have lifetime access you can complete this in your own pace. 


Support: For any support then you can contact us directly through the email or the Facebook group.

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What you will cover:

Module 1: Our Purpose, Our Dreams, Our Goals – in this module you will work on your life purpose by using an effective technique before then exploring your dreams and creating your future goals that you would like to achieve. You will also look at a range of exercises which support you with clarifying what you want to achieve.


Module 2: Luke, Fate and Gratitude – in this module you will develop an understanding of how believing in luck and fate can affect your mindset. You will explore the benefits of showing gratitude and evaluate the impact gratitude has on your life. You will also learn a number of gratitude exercises that you can embed in your everyday life.


Module 3: I Give up… I’m a failure! My Limiting Beliefs – in this module you will identify what you have failed at or made mistakes in. You will explore risk taking and ways of learning from mistakes in order to progress. You will also study ‘limiting beliefs’ and develop an understanding of how these can be overcome. You will also complete exercises on your subconscious beliefs to support you with identifying what these are and how to overcome these.


Module 4: Your Mindset – in this module you will identify the type of mindset you have. You will explore the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and will look at different things that motivate you and keep you motivated. You will also complete a number of exercises linking to mindset and energy cleansing to support with your positive mindset.


Module 5: Language and Visulisation – in this module you will develop an understanding of the importance of language that we use; you will explore the use of affirmations and create and choose your own to implement in your daily routine; you will also explore different visualisation techniques and trail a few of these. You will also complete a number of exercises that link to the Law of Attraction to support you with manifesting what you desire / your goals.


Module 6: The Future – in this module you will evaluate where you are now and plan what you will action and implement from the course into your own life in order to achieve your goals set out in module one. You will also be able to watch a number of case studies of women who have also done this course and succeeded in achieving their goals and aims.

I'm ready to grow my mindset and gain success!

The Investment

This really is the best investment you will make in yourself AND your future. By investing your time, energy and money in the one thing that you’ll always have with you in life – YOU – you’ll see that this action alone can start to create waves of positive change.

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