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 Business Strategy Session


An intense deep dive business strategy session looking into your current business and how you can attract more dream clients and make more sales!

Includes 7 days unlimited follow up support and mentorship from Kayleigh via whatsapp, Voxar and email.

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I want success - count me in!


  • Developing a growth mindset that will help you get results.
  • Learning the business strategies to support you with growing and scaling your business.
  • Building and developing your business to consistent 5k-10k months.
  • Receiving DMs regularly from ideal clients who are interested in your and your services / products and who can and will pay.
  • Signing clients and making sales in your sleep.
  • knowing the exact strategies Kayleigh uses to make consistent sales.
I want to make this a reality!

Are you:

  • A person who is struggling to sign consistent dream clients in your business.
  • A person who wants to know the strategies to attracting dream clients.
  • A person who want results fast - and you're ready to show up for yourself to create them
  • Eager to hear all the mindset and manifesting tools, tips and inspiration so you can start inviting in the things that matter most to you.
  • Keen to know the best business strategies to attract more dream clients and make more consistant sales.

If the answer is yes to most or all of these questions then this deep dive business strategy session is a great place to start!

I want to invest in myself!

How will this dive deep business strategy session help you:

  • Get clarity on your business goals and set yourself realistic and achievable goals.
  • Provide business strategies to support you with growing your business and bringing in more sales.
  • Support you with your marketing, messaging and content to attract dream clients.
  • Plan your next steps and your future in order to achieve your goals.
I want to sign dream clients!

What will you get:

A one-to-one 60 minute business strategy session with Kayleigh and focusing on your business.

Growth and Expansion High Value Resources – including the tools or exercises that are discussed within the coaching session.

7 days mentorship and support from Kayleigh through Whatsapp, Voxar and email. Kayleigh will support you after the strategy session to ensure you can move forward towards your business goals.



20% off any of our coaching or online courses (value varies)

Free ‘Roadmap to Success’ guide (value £65)

20% off in the ‘Actually, I Can!’ shop to spend on goodies and resources to support with your growth mindset and achieving your goals.

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How it works:

Schedule a time suitable to you: once you have read and signed the coaching agreement, you will be able to schedule in your coaching session with Kayleigh as soon as you are ready. We use a system where you can schedule in your coaching sessions online.


Downloadable Resources: you will be sent or be given access to the growth and expansion high value resources discussed in the session to support you on your growth journey.


Support: 7 days Whatsapp and email support / mentorship from Kayleigh who will support you after the strategy session to ensure you can move forward towards your business  goals.

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The Investment

This really is the best investment you will make in yourself and your future. By investing your time, energy and money in the one thing that you’ll always have with you in life – YOU – you’ll see that this action alone can start to create waves of positive change.

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