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'Actually, I Can!

Level up on Social Media' Online Course


A programme designed to support female entrepreneurs develop their knowledge and understanding of how to grow and sell on social media to grow and scale their business.



What if you had all the social media knowledge and strategies you needed to support building and developing your business online, giving you consistent sales every month and the financial gain you have always dreamt of? 

What if you knew the best ways to consistently show up on social media to grow your accounts, followers and engagement and attract more potential clients to your products and services? 

Well with ‘Actually, I Can! Level Up on Social Media' online course YOU CAN!  


This course is perfect for female entrepreneurs who are wanting to develop their knowledge and understanding of growing on social media to support with scaling their existing business. 

I'm ready to level up on social media!


Developing a mindset of a business queen and developing a growth mindset for social media making you feel empowered and confident.

Learning and knowing the top strategies to grow and scale your business through social media.

Creating consistent and powerful content on social media that attracts hundreds of potential clients / customers who then turn into clients.

Receiving DMs regularly from ideal clients who are interested in your and your services / products and who can and will pay.

Creating a community to help grow your business and sales through you being seen as the ‘expert’ and the go to ‘Queen’ of your services / products.

Are you:

A person who lacks confidence when it comes to showing up on social media?

Confused with the algorithms and how to make them work best for you?

Sick of your social media accounts not growing or gaining enough engagement?

A person who wants to know the best strategies to growing on social media to support with business growth?

A person who wants to know all the best tips and tricks to being consistent on social media.


If the answer is yes to most or all of these questions then this is the programme for you!

I am ready to grow my social media!


It’s time for you to invest in yourself and learn the strategies that we can share with you for growing and scaling your business through social media. This programme will support you with learning the best strategies, tips and tricks to grow your social media accounts and to use them to support you with growing your business. 


How will this programme help you:


  • Develop a growth mindset to support you with becoming confident on social media.
  • Learn some of the best strategies to grow your accounts on social media.
  • Learn how to be consistent on social media to increase engagement.
  • Build confidence and authority on social media positioning you as the expert and creating a community of engaged potential clients.
  • Learn how to sell your products through social media or services without feeling stressed, overwhelmed and making the process easier for you.
  • Plan your next steps and your future in order to grow your social media.
I really want to invest in this!

What will you get:

Lifetime access to the ‘Actually, I Can! Level up no Social Media’ online course which includes 6 in depth modules consisting of: presentations, downloadable PDFs, workbooks, challenges, exercises and videos, all carefully designed to help you develop your mindset and achieve your goals. (value £995)


High Value Resources – including tools, exercises, worksheets, information sheets to support with your mindset and business. (value £500)


Support via our VIP Facebook group which will allow you to network with other women on the programme and within the coaching programmes to support you with your growth and success. (value: priceless)



Free ‘Roadmap to Success’ guide (value £65)

10% off any of our coaching programmes with Kayleigh. (value £50 - £200 saving)

10% off in the ‘Actually, I Can!’ shop to spend on goodies and resources to support with your growth mindset and achieving your goals.

I want access!

How it works:

Start Anytime: this is a self-study programme which means you can start at any time and learn at your own pace. 


Lifetime Access: once you sign up to this programme, you become a ‘Actually, I Can’ student for life! This means that if the course is updated in the future and additional bonus’ are added, you will also get access to these. You also have lifetime access to the Facebook group.


Unlimited Replays: you can watch each masterclass and module training video as many times as you like. There is no limit as to how many times you come back to each module.


Downloadable Resources: the programme comes with a downloadable workbook and some modules also have additional resources to support you.


6 Weeks Long: this programme is a 6-week experience with 6 modules of training.


Support: For any support then you can contact us directly through the email or the Facebook group.

Sign me up!

What you will cover:


Module 1: Your Mindset– Level up Your Mindset!

In this module you will work on your mindset. Focusing on developing a growth mindset on how to grow a successful business using social media.


Module 2: Content Creating – Lets get Visible!

In this module you learn how to create content that will attract audiences to engage with your content using our 5 part formula. You will also learn how to manage creating your content effectively.


Module 3: Photo and Videos – Lights, Camera, Action!

In this module you will learn some of the best media tips and tricks to be able to create engaging and aesthetically pleasing photos and videos for your social media accounts and pages.


Module 4: Being Seen as the Expert – Becoming an Authority.

In this module you will identify how to position yourself as the expert on social media that will support you with engaging your audience with your knowledge and expertise.


Module 5: Selling via Social Media

In this module you will explore the best strategies to sell via social media including: ads, stories, collaborations, influencers, engagement posts and so much more!


Module 6: Growth – It’s not about the quantity its about the quality!

In this module you will identify how you can continue to develop and grow your social media accounts, focusing on quality over quantity.


I am ready to grow on social media!

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