Actually, I Can!

3, 6 or 12 month Business Coaching / Mentorship

 The number 1 coaching programme to support female coaches and online business owners to create a business that they LOVE and to reach consistent 5k / 10k / 20k months with ease!

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I want success - count me in!


Developing a mindset of a sales queen, developing your growth mindset and manifesting your business goals.

Nailing your niche in order to really target your ideal clients and sell to them effectively.

Becoming a sales superstar, fully understanding exactly what marketing and sales strategies work for you and your business and how to scale these to consistent 5k / 10k / 20k months.

Creating consistent and powerful content on social media that attracts hundreds of potential clients / customers who then turn into clients.

Receiving DMs regularly from ideal clients who are interested in your and your services / products and who can and will pay.

Creating a community to help grow your business and sales through you being seen as the ‘expert’ and the go to ‘Queen’ of your services / products.

Hi I'm Kayleigh

Your go to Business Mentor and Coach who is the Queen of strategy and will support you in building your 6 figure dream business.

I started my business with a mission to support female coaches and business owners in building UNSTOPPABLE businesses that they LOVE! Within a matter of months I had sold out of my programmes, was making consistent 5 figure months, I reached 6 figures and was living a life that I LOVED!


By investing into coaching and programmes like this that supported me with the strategies to GROW and SCALE my business!

Now i support many females coaches and business owners just like yourself by teaching you the exact strategies that i used to go from Zero to sold out in just 4 months and how you can reach consistent 5 figure months and become a 6 FIGURE CEO too!


So trust me when I say I can show you how you can do exactly the same!

 - You don't need thousands of followers.

 - you don't need paid ads or long sales funnels.

- you don't need to be at a certain income level.

And you probably could have reached 6 figures a while ago if you knew HOW!


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Are you:

Struggling with your mindset in seeing how you can make your business a success online?

Confused with all the different marketing and sales strategies and just want to know some easy and quick ways of attracting more clients / customers?

A person who lacks confidence when it comes to selling?

Sick of the struggle with finances and are finding that your business and bank balance isn’t growing as fast as you want it to?

Scared of sales funnels and email marketing and need support with where to start with these?

A person who wants to know the secrets to marketing and selling online?

Worried when your next client is coming / going to invest?

Or maybe you are stuck in consistent low income months and are now ready to scale your business to aim for 5 figure months?


If the answer is yes to most or all of these questions then this is the programme for you!

I want to invest in myself!

Imagine this could be you within a matter of weeks!

How will this programme help you:

  • Develop a growth mindset to support you with becoming confident with selling.
  • Create a marketing strategy plan and set yourself realistic and achievable goals.
  • Understand some of the best marketing and sales strategies in order to support you with growing your business.
  • Build confidence and authority on social media and in the media positioning you as the expert and creating a community of engaged potential clients.
  • Learn how to sell your products or services without feeling stressed, overwhelmed and making the process easier for you.
  • Plan a launch strategy that will help you sell to your dream clients and ave a sell out launch.
  • Plan your next steps and your future in order to make more sales.
I want to grow a business i LOVE!

What will you get:

Fortnightly one to one coaching calls lead by Kayleigh and focusing on your business strategy and your mindset. We use my signature framework to grow and scale a business that you LOVE!


Business Strategy Resources – including tools, exercises, worksheets, information sheets to support you with your business growth. Many of these will link to our coaching sessions and will be set as homework to do in between coaching sessions.


One to one support via Voxar / Whatsapp / emails – by Kayleigh herself for any support or guidance that you need to support you through the coaching programme.


Support via our UNSTOPPABLE Facebook Community group which will allow you to network with other women inside my programmes to support you with your growth and success.



FREE access to the ‘Actually, I Can! UNSTOPPABLE Programme.’ (usual investment £2222)

Unlimited access to live group coaching calls with Kayleigh every fortnight (value £395 per month) 

10% off in the ‘Actually, I Can!’ shop to spend on goodies and resources to support with your growth mindset and achieving your goals.


I want access!

What you will cover:

This coaching programme is bespoke to you and your business / mindset needs. Kayleigh will explore a range of strategies with you over the duration of the programme to support you in launching, growing and scaling your business. However she will use her signature framework which is proven to get client results


I am ready to reach 5k+ months!

How it works:

Start when you are ready: once you have read and signed the coaching agreement, you will be able to schedule in your fortnightly coaching sessions with Kayleigh as soon as you are ready.


Lifetime Access to the  UNSTOPPABLE programme: once you sign up to the coaching progrmame, you will also gain access to the 'Actually I Can! UNSTOPPABLE programme  which you can complete either alongside your coaching or within your own time. 


Downloadable Resources: Kayleigh will share with you a range of resources, templates and frameworks to support you with building and growing your business.


3, 6 or 12 months long: this coaching programme is a 3, 6, or 12 month experience on a one-to-one basis with Kayleigh. The coaching calls will be conducted via Zoom.


Support: For any support you will have direct access to contacting Kayleigh directly through Voxar, Whatsapp, emails as well as having support through email and your coaching portal.

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What Our Clients Say:

Debbie (Self Love and Confidence Coach)

"Investing into the signature coaching programme was the best decision for me because I now understand more about my mindset and also my business strategy and am now attracting more of my dream clients and reaching consistent 5k months! I couldn't be happier with the coaching and support Kayleigh gave me!"

Fiona (Business Coach)

"Kayleigh is an amazing business mentor and really helped m to grow and scale my business! During the 12 weeks within her programme I went from inconsistent 2k months to consistent 10k+ months after applying the strategies she taught me! She is literally a strategy queen with strategies for everything! I have recently signed up to working with her again for another 12 weeks! I can't wait!"

Stacey (Life Coach)

"I can not recommend working with Kayleigh enough! She is incredible! Helped me sign my first few clients and reach cash months that I had never been able to do before! The strategies she taught me are INCREDIBLE and everything I have applied has worked! I am hoping to sign up again to Kayleigh's coaching programme next month so am ready to go to my never level and work towards 10k months next!"

Ashley (Marketing Expert and Coach)

"Kayleigh has been an amazing coach. I was really struggling with understanding my business and felt overwhelmed. I now have a plan and strategies in place that have led me to getting new 1-2-1 clients and my subscription service is booming thanks to Kayleigh"

The Investment

This really is the best investment you will make in yourself AND your business. By investing your time, energy and money in the one thing that you’ll always have with you in life – YOU – you’ll see that this action alone can start to create waves of positive change.

Pay in full (3 month programme)


Pay in full 

Access today!


4 Month payment plan (3 month programme)

£1111 per month

 Total to pay across 4 months: £4444

 Access today!

For the 6 or 12 month programme please contact Kayleigh on Instagram @actually1can or email her directly [email protected]

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